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This page is an outline of some miscellaneous sounds and Web stuff that I've done in the recent past. If you like the stuff on snuggles or the Dictionaraoke/The Singing Dictionary, you'll probably like this stuff, too.

  1. Sounds
    1. Sounds on this site
      1. Ted Stevens explains the Internet. An edit of his now-infamous sputterings on how the Internet works. I notice that I did not get around to including his most infamous quote ("The Internet is not a truck! It's a series of tubes!"), because I was more focused on his sputterings and stammerings throughout his speech. Ah well, maybe next time.
      2. "Presidential Prayer (edit)". And edited version of the radio spots available at Presidential Prayer Team. This radio spot features the amazing life of a certain historical figure.
      3. "Gay Tender". Do you likes the mash-ups? Then check this one out: "Gay Bar" by Electric Six vs. "Legal Tender" by the B-52's.
    2. Sounds elsewhere
      1. Track contributed to "Il Programma di Religione," a compilation put together by Boyarm (compilation status: done and out-of-print already)
      2. One track and a bonus track at Free Speech For Sale
      3. One track (which changes occasionally) on Snuggle This!
      4. Several tracks on The Dictionary Project site (in fact, it was an e-mail of mine to Snuggles that started the project)
      5. Several tracks on ACIDplanet (registration required)
    3. Sounds yet to come
      1. Currently working on a program for WFMU's "Re:Mixology", for whenever that program returns (summer 2006?)
      2. Track contributed to Pure Granulated Sound project (compilation status: incredibly unknown)
      3. Track contributed to The Beethoven Project (compilation status: M-sli©k da ninjA is trying to corral all the submissions into a complete CD sometime soon)
  2. Other stuff on this site
    1. Negativland stuff, a collection of Negativland-related memorabilia that I've collected over the years. Still working on this.
  3. Other Websites
    1. Empty-Handed (featuring sites for The Bad Music Foundation and Mother Jugs & Speed)
    2. Legnog